I went for a short trip with my brother the other weekend and he said to me that on Instagram it seems that I’m always quite busy doing exciting stuff and always being on the go, when in real life I seemed so peaceful and always longing for me-time and some peace and quiet. What to do when all that people can see in you is the pretty face and the big smile. Thinking you’re this little miss sunshine, enjoying life to the fullest, traveling often and only knowing the bright side of life. Nothing wrong with that right?! Cause that’s how you present yourself to the world. On social media, but also in real life.

I hate it when people act like they care, but they actually don’t.

When you bump into someone you know in the supermarket and they ask you, how are you doing, the common answer is: good and you? I’m not saying that that’s a lie, because almost every time this answer is based on a true story. What bothers me is the intention of the person who’s asking. I don’t think most of us really want to know how the other person is doing. It’s just a way of small talking and basic human interaction. If someone want’s to know how I’m doing I’m sure they will visit me at home, stop by sometimes, make that phone call, send that e-mail or simply send a WhatsApp message. I don’t mind the medium, it’s just that I hate it when people act like they care, but they actually don’t.

Trying to stay true to myself and I love it.

So I’ve stoped sending birthday cards when I don’t mean it, or going to parties where I feel I don’t belong. Not saying I’m perfect (work in progress) but I try to stay true to myself and not do things out of a habit but more consciously. And I.Love.It! It feels so much more authentic and real.

Book the damn trip!

Something I’d recommend when it comes to family and friendships: travel together. I mean not all together, but try to find time to go on a citytrip with your mother, brother, sister, best friend… It will give you memories that will last a lifetime. It will deepen your relationship and enrich both of you since travel always does. So don’t prospone things, just book the damn trip! It will allow you to have that deep conversations that you couldn’t have because of daily life, children, deadlines and other priorities.

Do it now (note to myself).

Writing this it reminds me to plan a trip with my mother, knowing the time is now and she won’t be around forever. To plan that trip with my brother since we live a two hour drive away from each other and we don’t have the chance to see each other often. Do it now (note to myself). Because the true friends and family are the one’s who matter. The people who really want to know how you are doing when they ask the question. So keep up the good work on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It’s should be your happy place where you can find inspiration, inspire others and share the good things with everyone. Just make sure that at the end of the day you know who you are and what you stand for.

Care for those around you and try not to judge.

Because, let’s be honest, life isn’t always sandy beaches, sunshine, partying and being zen and mindful all the time. Sometimes it’s about being sick, long day’s at work, burnt meals, feeling stressed or even the passing away of a loved one. It’s all part of everyones life even it their life seems perfect on the outside. Just remember that everybody has it’s own story and some kind of burden to carry. It’s just nog always visible. Be kind, be happy, take care of your loved ones, your community, the person next door and try not to judge. For the simple reason that you probably don’t have the full information to do so.