Right now I live in The Netherlands and I call this country my home for the past eighteen years. As much as I love my life here there’s always this little flame burning for my home country Croatia. It’s a popular holiday destination but for me it’s so much more than that. I was born there and spent the first ten years of my life there. I still speak the language and love to connect with the local people when I’m there as well as all of my family still living in various parts of the country. Originally I’m from Vukovar, the eastern part of Croatia with beautiful cities, villages and an agricultural and rural vibe. However, through the years I’ve fallen in love with the coast of Istria and Dalmatia. I don’t know if you’ve even been there but you should definitely go and visit. In this post I’m going to zoom in on the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Even if you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones, you should go and see it for yourself.


Dubrovnik Croatia City Travel Citytrip Dalmatia Travel Wandering Streets Explore Backpack Luxury

Why visit?

There is a reason that the cast of Game of Thrones has chosen this city. The old city is magical. Old stone houses, thousands of stairs, small alleys, good food and friendly people are just a few reasons. Let’s not forget the lovely beaches and the wonderful Mediterranean climate.

A walk around the ancient city walls is a must do and is absolutely worth it. It’s best to do this early in the morning to avoid the heat but also the incoming cruisers and tourist busses in the middle of the day. The second option will be to do it at sunset with marvelous orange and pink colors that will take anyone’s breath away. More active travelers will hire a kayak and paddle around the city to see the picturesque landscape by sea. If possible you should try to rent a boat for a day because it’s truly the best way to go and explore the surroundings.

Dubrovnik Croatia City Travel Citytrip Dalmatia Travel Wandering Streets Explore Backpack Luxury

Where to Eat and Drink?

Dubrovnik has a lot to offer for any kind of eater and every price range. For medium budget, but marvelous food you should go to Oliva. They have the most authentic pizza in town and you should definitely try their pasta. The atmosphere is very easy going and the staff is friendly. If you want to dine with a view then Lady Pipi is the place to be. The restaurant is really small end it’s basically just a rooftop terrace so you can only sit outside and if it’s raining, they’re closed. There is no possibility to make a reservation, so be there early if you want a table. It’s a really popular place and that’s for a good reason. The food is great! They have different kind of grilled meat and fish. The specialty is a traditional Peka, a signature dish of Croatia’s Dalmatia region. The method of cooking Peka is as follows: You begin with a fire. Meanwhile meat and vegetables are placed in a pan, which is then covered by the Peka lid. A heavy metal ring is placed on top of the lid to hold hot charcoal. In essence, the Peka becomes a self-contained oven, sealing in the heat and flavors. The food, most commonly meat and potatoes are slow braised for hours resulting in a fall-off-the bone texture. This dish needs to be ordered the day before and is the only way to ensure a table for the day after at Lady Pipi. For a more classy and posh night out you should visit Restaurant 360. The restaurant is set within the great walls of the old city overlooking the port and the beautiful Dubrovnik architecture. We’ve been there for some cocktails and those are the best. There is some easy going lounge music and really nice food.

Dubrovnik Croatia City Travel Citytrip Dalmatia Travel Wandering Streets Explore Backpack Luxury

Day at the beach

Banje Beach is located just outside the walls of the old city. It’s crystal clear waters are a sight for sore eyes and should not be missed while visiting Dubrovnik. You can relax at the Banje Beach Beach Club with it’s cool drinks and tasty food. A perfect way to spend a day, take a swim, read a book, listen to the waves and enjoy the scenery.